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Grading US Coins

Over time I hope to provide examples of grading for US coins.  Maybe when I retire.  For now, I have a few, namely Lincoln Wheat Cents and Mercury Dimes

Please note, in many cases, grading is an art, not a science, and is very subjective.  This website can be used as a guide, but please understand, examples are not a guarantee of potential grade by a reputable 3rd party grader such as PCGS, NGC or ANACS.

Half Cents

Large Cents

Small Cents

Liberty Cap Half Cent Flowing Hair Large Cent Flying Eagle Cents
Draped Bust Half Cent Liberty Cap Large Cent Indian Head Cents
Classic Head Half Cent Draped Bust Large Cent Lincoln Wheat Cents
Braided Hair/Cornet Half Cent Classic Head Large Cent Lincoln Memorial Cents
  Liberty/Cornet Head Large Cent  
  Braided Hair Large Cent  


Half Dimes


Shield Nickels Flowing Hair Half Dime Draped Bust Dime
Liberty Nickels Draped Bust Half Dime Liberty Cap Dime
Buffalo Nickels Capped Bust Half Dime Seated Liberty Dime
Jefferson Nickels Liberty Seated Half Dime Barber Dime
    Mercury Dime
    Roosevent Dime


Half Dollars

Silver Dollars

Draped Bust Quarter Flowing Hair Half Dollar Flowing Hair Dollar
Liberty Cap Quarter Draped Bust Half Dollar Draped Bust Dollar
Seated Liberty Quarter Capped Bust Half Dollar Seated Liberty Dollar
Barber Quarter Bust Half Dollar Trade Dollar
Standing Liberty Quarter Seated Half Dollar Morgan Dollar
Washington Quarter (Silver) Barber Half Dollar Peace Dollar
  Walking Liberty Half  
  Franklin Half  
  Kennedy Half Dollar  
Modern Dollars


Eisenhower Dollar Two Cent Pieces  
Susan B Anthony Three Cent Nickels  
  Three Cent Silver